In Skiathos besides the carefree summers, wonderful beaches, sun and crystal clear waters, you will have the opportunity for many more adrenaline-raising activities… Or more spiritual ones since there are many orthodox monasteries that you may want to visit!

For the more daring types, there are parallel trails offered for Mountain Biking, on the island!

Skiathos is famous for hiking and has 25 hiking routes totaling 197 km. Some of which are very close to our accommodation! The hiking trails are clean and well signposted, and there are 1 to 6-hour routes. All this in a pure, beautiful, natural environment and with incredible panoramic views that will, literally, take your breath away! However there are also some rest and picnic spots if you prefer something more relaxing… It’s a great opportunity to get to know the island’s most important historical sites, without this being your only reward… For those who are going to exceed the 20 routes, the hiking club provides a medal! This means you have to record the hiking codes you will find on each route! Find more information at +30 6972705416.

For the adventure lovers, Geocaching is the perfect choice! This is an outdoors, group activity using the guidance of GPS! Participants are invited to “hide” or “find” boxes in locations around the world. Indulge in a treasure hunt and discover the treasure in the “Fonissa’s Cave”!